Hectic Holiday

Students Participate in Black Friday

December 3, 2015

Although Black Friday was a few days ago, there are some shoppers who are still recovering from a crazy night of sales. While hectic and stressful, it is a night that is the perfect environment for bizarre memories and weird experiences.

“When I was at Target with my mom last Friday, I saw a woman climb into a bin of coloring books,” said senior Monica Prieto. “She was literally swimming in coloring books trying to pick out all of the Disney ones for her kids!”

Dedicated shoppers, especially ones drowning in coloring books, can be a hilarious sight, but some Black Friday experiences are not as pleasant. Senior Hunter Nghiem recalls an incident with a little DC fanatic that was not as humorous.

“This kid bit me because I wouldn’t let him have the last Green Arrow Funko Pop Figure in the store. Then he said he was going to tell his mom on me so I just dipped,” senior Hunter Nghiem said.

Other shoppers can be pretty troublesome, but oftentimes people make their own silly mistakes.

“I’m sure it took me close to an hour and a half to find my car after shopping for Christmas gifts,” senior Antony Nguyen said. “I went out a different entrance than I came in, so I was searching in the wrong half of the parking lot for the longest time.”

While most people were out shopping for Black Friday searching for the best deals and buying gifts for their friends and family, others were stuck working. For those working in retail, it was an active and fast-paced day. It was especially crazy for senior Donne Henderson, who works at the mall.

“The amount of people there was crazy,” said Henderson. “It was hard keeping up with customers because everyone was trying to ask questions about the sales all at once.”

Whether out shopping, working, or looking for sales online, Black Friday is usually stressful for everyone who participates, but the funny stories make it worth it.

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