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January 12, 2016

Once senior year comes to a close many students will be taking the next step, college. Texas A&M University seems to be a popular choice amongst Mansfield High School seniors. However, with any college pick there is always a reason or story behind the big decision. For these particular students many factors contributed towards their excitement about becoming Aggies.

“I only applied to A&M,” senior Tristen Hyde said. “I was an automatic admit and there is no other place I would rather go.”

People choose universities for many reasons. For some it may have been a childhood dream and for others it just may have been the best option.

“Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a vet and A&M has the best vet school in Texas,” senior Morgan Morazzano said.

A&M is know for its traditions and for some people that is why they are able to find their place there. These traditions define A&M and ultimately create a unique experience that could change someone’s life.

“I love all of A&M’s traditions because they allow everyone to be a part of something, which builds on the close knit Aggie community,” senior Hyde said. “My favorite is Muster. It really builds in that once an Aggie always an Aggie philosophy, and I think that is really neat.”

Traditions are numerous and meaningful on this campus, but each Aggie has their favorite.

“I love the traditions there, especially because so many people before me have done them too and now I get to participate,” Morazzano said. “One of my favorite traditions are Midnight Yells and standing throughout a football game.”

Campus life is also an important part of any college. This is where people build connections with others and the college itself. Everyone has their certain idea of what they want their college community to be like.

“On my visits, all the students are friendly and welcoming and all say ‘howdy’ to each other even if they don’t know them,” said Morgan Morazzano.

Although the traditions and campus life are determining variables when deciding on a college, the main reason for attending Texas A&M, for these soon-to-be Aggies, is the opportunity to finally pursue their dreams.

“My first two years I will be a biomedical sciences major and will also be working on a Spanish minor. Then I will spend the next three years at the Health Science Center to study to become a Nurse Practitioner,” Hyde said.

For these Mansfield High School seniors, they have already found their next step and will be calling Texas A&M home next year. If you also make the decision of attending A&M you might be surprised with how many familiar faces you will see.

As of now, more than five students have committed to be Aggies this fall.

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