How to: Survive the Fourth Six Weeks Slump

February 1, 2016

It’s no secret that the fourth six weeks is the most difficult. We’ve already passed the two-week winter break and spring break isn’t until the fifth six weeks which means you do not have a break to motivate you. It may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. School work is usually a heavier load during the fourth six weeks too. So here are some tips to help you not lose your sanity and end every day crying because you’re drowning in misery from homework and lack of sleep.

1. Keep a Positive Attitude

Yes, homework sucks. Yes, you have no clue how to calculate that problem you do not have any desire to do. Although, if you keep your head up and know ahead of time that it’s going to be tough, you WILL survive. Find inspiration through other people or those random quotes you can find on Pinterest and Twitter. If you start feeling down, take some time to refocus.

2. Stay on Top of your Schoolwork

This can be applied to school in general, but knowing that the workload is going to increase and probably be more difficult can be a heads-up that you need to get your stuff together. That means trying not to skip class and actually paying attention when you’re there. Try doing your homework during lunch or anytime you can find.

3. Balance Yourself

While focusing on school work is the key to success, you have to take time out for yourself too. Obsessing over homework, tests, and quizzes may get you that ‘A’ but you will take the L with all the pressure you are putting on yourself. Find a good book to read in your free time, watch your favorite movie, or take a night to hang out with your friends. Do little things that make you happy and keep you sane.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sleep

As teenagers, it’s a common fact that we love sleep, but homework (aka Netflix) makes us stay up all hours of the night. However, sleep is very important so your body will function at top notch. Try to get as much as you can, which means you may need to cut down on the binge of your favorite TV show.

5. Don’t Be a Quitter

It’s incredibly cliche and probably advice you could relate to any situation, despite that, not giving up is a key part of surviving the six-weeks slump. The workload may be heavy, but having confidence that you can and will make it through will make the world of difference. Messing up and losing focus sometimes is okay, but getting back on track is a must.

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