Editorial: Better Access for All

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Editorial: Better Access for All

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Anyone who has tried to enter or exit the school parking lot at 7:15am or 3:05pm knows the struggle of dealing with the traffic near the three narrow entrances. A few parents have proposed to open the gate leading to Cannon Drive to introduce another entrance for students and parents to utilize, however, homeowners surrounding the area have disapproved of the new idea.

Opening the gate would be a tremendous change for the influx of drivers in the morning and afternoon. This new entrance would reduce the amount of students lingering on campus, causing conflicts in the parking lot.

It is not uncommon for students and parents to have before and after-school priorities. Many have to attend jobs, pick up/drop off other siblings or get home to care for pets and family members. An extra entrance would enable students to leave campus much more quickly and smoothly. Decreasing traffic in the parking lot would better time management for students and staff.

Often drivers get frustrated when they have to sit in traffic for an excess amount of time. If drivers spent less time waiting to enter or exit the school it would lower the amount of conflicts in the parking lot. “Road rage” cases are more prevalent when students and parents are forced to sit in a line that wraps around the school for sometimes up to half an hour. If the gate were opened, it would lead to fewer accidents, cases of harassment and angry drivers.

Currently, some residents of the Arbors of Creekwood think that opening the gate would lead to traffic blocking their neighborhood. However, having more options to enter and exit the school would cut down on the amount of traffic overall. Students and parents would be able to utilize the addition to divide up the bulk of cars at one entrance.

Opening the gate would be beneficial for students and parents to ensure the safety of fellow students of the school. The school needs a way to cut down on traffic, and this is the best solution.

If students and parents want the gate to be open, they should attend their HOA meetings and join in on the discussion. Help motivate members of the community to make a change.

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