Throwback Thursday: Teacher Edition – Linsy June

This week’s edition of Throwback Thursday features AP Physics teacher Ms. June, one of the most decorative and cheery teachers on campus.

Which high school did you graduate from?

“Lake Travis High School.”

What were you like during high school?

“I was a good student, I did my homework, and I hung out with my friends. I had a lot of school spirit, I dressed up for dress-up days, and went to football games, but I did not go as all out as I did at A&M.”

What did you do for fun?

“On school nights, I did not really do much. We drove around, because that was a big thing. We would go to Quizno’s or something.”

What extracurriculars were you in?

“I was in StuCo, track, and cross country.”

What was your favorite class in high school?

“AP Physics. I liked my teacher and I thought it was interesting. Both my physics and calculus teachers inspired me to be a teacher.”

What was your most embarrassing memory from high school?

“I had this skirt and back then, the style was really sheer on the top and there was something underneath. The bottom layer was the solid color and what you were supposed to see. I had a messenger style backpack and I left AP Physics to go to counselor’s aide, but I left a carrot cake I made for the counselors in AP Physics, so I set my stuff down, walked upstairs all the way to AP Physics, got the carrot cake, came back to the counselor’s office, and I get in there and the secretary in the counselor’s office informed me that the thing under my skirt had ridden up all the way to my waist, so I had walked all the way around the school like three times with my skirt up around my waist basically.”

What was your favorite memory from high school?

“So I ran cross country in high school and this was my very last meet, the regional meet of my senior year. It was delayed a day and the course was rerouted, because the course had flooded and the water was above our knees, but even then, parts of it were still muddy. During the whole race, me and two of my friends picked up mud and threw it at each other and dove around slip-and-slide style. We knew we weren’t going beyond regionals level, because the three of us just wouldn’t be able to advance, but two other girls ended up going to state and one of them ended up going to the nationals, so our coach and my mom were livid, but it was so much fun. I will never forget that race and I would absolutely do that again.”

What advice do you have for high school students?

“Do your work! Don’t sleep in class. Be nice to people. You never know someone’s back story. Don’t assume you know who they are or what they have been through.”