Flashback Friday: Favorite Movies when Teachers were in High School

December 11, 2015

Teenagers want something they can relate to, that’s both entertaining and just a bit more interesting than their real lives. Later in their life, they’ll look back to what in pop culture, whether it was a movie or a song, really spoke to them way back when in high school. Not surprisingly teachers do the same now. We asked a few teachers what their favorite movie was in high school and why. The answers varied from romance to action, and include a few classics that high schoolers now may recognize. Here are just a few of the answers given, and who knows- you may need to be checking Netflix for a few of these when you get home!

Mrs. ForeFather of the Bride, 1941 Drama/Romance Film
“I just loved the relationship between the father and the daughter going through that marriage and it reminded me of what it would be like for me and my dad.”

Mr. DavisThe Blair Witch Project, 1999 Mystery/Horror Film
“It was a horror movie that gave a first person account of kind of a haunting type scenario. It was my favorite because you got to go to the movie theater and you really didn’t know what to expect and I just like that scare that you get from horror movies.”

Mrs. BoydstunThe Titanic, 1997 Drama/Disaster Film
“I love the storyline, the flashback sequence, the music, young Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s just awesome.”

Mrs. StevensonButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969 Biography/Adventure Film
“I just really enjoyed it. It was everything that was popular. You had the music in it, it was kind of romantic, Robert Redford was good looking, Paul Newman was funny, they did things like jumping off the cliff that you could identify that that was their only choice but you really felt like you were Sundance holding on. It was really just an enjoyable movie.”

Mr. TamayoRush Hour, 1998 Thriller/Action Film
“It was just hilarious. I love Chris Tucker and I love martial arts, so it was just a great combination of comedy and fighting, so it was really fun. It was just a good movie.”

Coach HolmesTop Gun, 1986 Drama/Action Film
“It was awesome. Jets, Tom Cruise, it was cool, everybody was cool in the movie. It was just a great movie- you should watch it.”

Mrs. JungmanSixteen Candles, 1984 Teen/Romance Film
“It spoke to me.”

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