Tips For Freshmen

Ashley Tetteh, Staff Writer

Dear Freshmen, 

There is a common misconception that 9th grade is the least important year out of the four but I am here to tell you that 9th grade is one of the most important years of your high school life. Here’s some advice to help you get through it all in one piece!
  1. Yes, grades DO matter!
    After each semester your grades get averaged into a grade point average (GPA) and you are all sorted into a rank of academic achievement. Get your GPA up high freshmen year and it will be easier to keep it up for the rest of your high school career. Plan study dates with your friends so you can stay on top of things and have fun!
  2. Get involved!
    As you go up in grade levels you will only get busier so getting involved in sports and after school clubs now is key. Once you are used to juggling your school work and your extracurricular activities you’ll be able to keep it up later on. Also, it looks great on college applications.
  3. Talk with your teachers!
    Teachers are here only to help you and not harm you. If you don’t understand something in class ask questions and go to tutoring, it will help you so much in the long run.
  4. Breathe!
    You’re almost there! Only three more years until you graduate! It may get hard at times and when it does sit down and take a deep breath. Don’t try and bite off more than you can chew and make sure you take some time to just focus on you.
  5. Enjoy yourself!
    The year will pass by in a blink of an eye and summer will be here again before you know it. So take the time to enjoy some of the greatest years of your life.
Follow these tips and you’ll breeze right through the year, welcome to Mansfield High Class of 2018!