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|| AP Testing May 6-17 || Senior Prom May 18 || Final Exams May 20-23 || Last Day of School May 23 || Graduation May 24 ||
Senior talking to her pen pal during the meet and greet
Seniors Meet Pen Pals in Pep Rally
Loryn Coyne, Editor-in-Chief • May 17, 2024

After exchanging letters throughout the school year and to keep a long-standing tradition alive, seniors will meet their JL Boren pen pals during...

Students working at the PSAT study session.
AP testing starts May 6
Loryn Coyne, Editor-in-Chief • May 7, 2024

As the school year comes to an end, two weeks of testing for AP classes will begin on May 6. “I like watching the kids prepare,” social...

Senior Chromebook Collection to Begin
Senior Chromebook Collection to Begin
Connor Mire, Staff Writer • May 3, 2024

As seniors prepare to graduate, they must return their district-issued Chromebooks to the computer lab in F5 on May 15.   Using information...

MISDs logo for the Bond Election
Early Voting for Bond Election
Connor Mire, Staff Writer • April 25, 2024

Since citywide approval is required to distribute funding across the district, Mansfield ISD will continue early voting for the May 4 bond election...

Jordyn Brown running in a track meet
Freshman Breaks School Record in Track
Zoe Foster, Staff Writer • April 24, 2024

Freshman Jordyn Brown has shattered the 30-year school record for the 400 meter in track. Though it wasn’t her personal best time, Jordyn said...

Regenia Crane in her office
New Principal Comes to MHS
Lacey Hughlett, Staff Writer • March 9, 2024

The hallways fill with noise as interim principal Regenia Crane starts her day by greeting students with a welcoming smile. Intent on making...

A 20 foot teacher of the year banner is next to Mr. Thorleys classroom
Darrell Thorley wins Teacher of the Year
Loryn Coyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 7, 2024

A normal day is interrupted by cheers and a 20 foot banner with an award. Students and teachers flood the room with outpourings of love. Mr....

Huff with the Tennessee Titans in 2014
From NFL to MHS
Lacey Hughlett, Staff Writer • November 1, 2023

Dallas Cowboys. Baltimore Ravens. Houston Roughnecks. Huff played in the NFL for nearly 6 years, signed by these teams as well as many others....

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Students working during Creative Writing club
Personal Column: Discrimination and Favoritism
Zoe Foster, Staff Writer • March 5, 2024

I am a senior this year, which means I’ve already spent almost four years here and I’ve seen all the different types of administrators and...

Seniors in the library enjoying Senior Boos
Editorial: New Senior Release Requirements
Connor Mire, Staff Writer • February 22, 2024

Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, the district will enforce a policy to ensure students fulfill the state’s Career, College, Military Readiness...

Students walking through the main cafeteria hall.
Editorial: Communication at Mansfield
Connor Mire, Staff Writer • October 12, 2023

The current ways Mansfield High School sends out announcements are through Mr. Dowd’s weekly newsletter, the MHS website, and Skyward emails.    The...

Senior Olivia Knight working on homework during advisory.
Editorial: The Issues with Advisory
Loryn Coyne, Editor-in-Chief • September 27, 2023

For the 2023-2024 school year, Mansfield ISD has instated a new advisory class period disconnected from the third and seventh periods.    Changing...


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Cady, played by Rebecca Shoemaker, and Ensemble in Mean Girls
One Play to Win
Connor Mire, Staff Writer • March 7, 2024

In the culmination of months of preparation, theater students will perform the play “Ville du Havre” for UIL One-Act district competition...

A Guide to Prom Dress Shopping
A Guide to Prom Dress Shopping
Melanie Lopez, Staff Writer • February 15, 2023

As prom approaches, seniors are searching for the perfect dress. Because prom dresses tend to be a one time use, students may be looking for...

Movie Review: Avatar, The Way of Water
Movie Review: Avatar, The Way of Water
Denzel Nieves, Staff Writer • January 26, 2023

Dec. 26, the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water'' came out in theaters and is currently still playing. This movie is the sequel to the movie “Avatar”...

Music Review: Entergalactic
Music Review: Entergalactic
Micah Ryan, Staff Writer • November 7, 2022

Entergalactic is American Hip-Hop artist Kid Cudi’s eighth studio album. It was released Sept. 30, 2022 as a soundtrack to an animated series...