Best Coffee Shops in Mansfield

Best Coffee Shops in Mansfield

Teenagers run on caffeine the way “America Runs on Dunkin,'” and it seems that coffee has become vital to the daily life of an American teenager. Luckily for us, Mansfield is the home of many coffee shops and most of them are within a 5 mile radius from us.

To many of us, Starbucks seems like the go-to coffee shop that every teenager prefers goes to. There are students who admire Starbucks’ coffee, but would not exactly call it their favorite.

“I’d say either Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks because the coffee is good, but it is kind of expensive. Dunkin’ Donuts is probably better because it’s basically the same as Starbucks, but less expensive,” said freshman Natalya Restrepo.

Despite of the prices these coffee shops have, students still seem to prefer it over home brewed coffee. Who knows, maybe there’s magical ingredients that are too sacred to non-barista people.

“When you make it at home it’s not that great as just going to the store,” said freshman Natalya Restrepo.

Although Dunkin’ Donuts does offer the prices within a teenager’s price range, Starbucks is still on top of the chain of never ending caffeine. Not only for their coffee, but as a place to hang out and catch up on some hom work as well.

“If I have a lot of homework, I normally would ask one of my friends to go with me to study because I like their coffee and the atmosphere inside,” said junior Anna Kautz.

Whether it’s at 6 o’clock in the morning before a long day, or after school as a source of energy, coffee is the go-to drink for many students. Our generation has put coffee on the list of necessities and its consumption seems to be rising among newer generations. Luckily for us, coffee chains are found on every corner, making the days of both students and teachers ones to look forward to.