“The Intern” Review

The Intern Review

Halle Garrett, Editor-in-chief

After a spell of mediocre movies that had to fill the unfortunate spot after major summer motion pictures, audiences everywhere rejoice at the line up of movies that go alongside the upcoming holiday season. For those not ecstatic about being scared out of their wits during the numerous horror movies that accompany Halloween, The Intern, will provide a light-hearted feeling that will result with an ounce of pep as one leaves the theatre instead of self-diagnosed paranoia.

The Intern centers around Ben Whittaker(Robert De Niro), a 70-year-old retiree, who is so incredibly bored with retirement he decides to take up a senior internship with a fledgling fashion website. He then works with the ambitious CEO/founder, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), and teaches her the beauties of life and acts as her father figure through numerous obstacles she endures.

Robert Di Nero can do no wrong. One may foolishly assume since his most popular works involve him being an intimidating and shady character, that he in unable to portray a lovable grandpa-like protagonist.This assumption could not be more inaccurate.Throughout the entire movie he made me want to run up and give him a hug and even call up my own Papaw. He brings to life chivalry and kindness that seems to be lost in the new generation. Bravo Di Nero, bravo!

The Intern is definitely a feel good movie. Of course like any decent motion picture, there was a scandalous climax that included betrayal, lust and overall the urge to glare at the screen yelling “WHY?!”. Predictability about the outcome was a somewhat negative aspect; however, who does not love a happy ending?

Overall, The Intern is clad with Oscar-winning and notable actors that provide a cheerful comedy that makes audiences laugh, smile till their cheeks hurt, believe in chivalry again and most importantly, understand the significance of friendship and happiness.