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Staying Maberry Strong

The cafeteria hallway decorated for green out.
Zoe Foster
The cafeteria hallway decorated for green out.

Former Football Coach Daniel Maberry grew up in Texas and went to college at UNT and then to Texas Tech. He worked for Mansfield ISD for his entire career, and largely at MHS. He had a wife, Cami Maberry, and they have 2 daughters. He started out as a Freshman Coach and worked his way up to Head Coach, along with teaching teen leadership and some history classes. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in late 2017 not long after the 2017 Football Playoffs. Since the ribbon color for lymphoma is green, we do Green Out at MHS. 


Many sources have said he was an inspirational and kind man and that he was widely loved by so many people. 


“He got to know people very well, and people got to know him, you know, and everybody that has ever been around him that I know of loves him,” said Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator Gregory George. 


Teachers and Coaches who remember him describe him as joyous and proud and just found joy in everything he did, even through his diagnosis and the chemotherapy. 


“The image I have of Maberry is, you know, yelling, happy, celebrating players, like he had a lot of passion into everything he did,” said Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Shane Trotter.


Many people were just happy to know him according to sources, and he was described as forgiving and loving to everyone. 


“There’s a reason people were drawn to him, he was consistent and he would hold people accountable, but he was forgiving,” said Football and Softball Coach Gregory Hardin. “He was loving and joyful in almost all circumstances.”


The stories most remembered by some of the MHS staff are the funny ones that remind them of how much fun he had in what he did. 


“When he was a teacher and the Offensive Coordinator, he wasn’t the Head Coach yet, me and another coach went into his room and we Bieber bombed it. With hundreds of pictures of Justin Beiber everywhere, and he laughed,” said Trotter. “And he would joke with us that months later he would find Justin Beiber pictures, because you know, we stuck them in everything.”


He truly liked meeting new students and communicating with them and his leadership classes helped with making connections throughout the student body. 


“It’s just about relationships, you know and again, it started in the classroom. I mean, obviously, he was coaching for a long time,” said George. “But again, being able to build relationships in the classroom through teen leadership was huge.”


Many people remember being inspired by him and how he was joyous on every occasion that he could be in. 


“Something about Daniel that everyone should know is that he was a testament to the fact that you can determine how you’re going to deal with the events in your life,” said Trotter. “Life is never gonna be fair, but we all get good stuff and the bad stuff, but it’s what happens to you and how you handle the events in your life. He was passionate about using his diagnosis to make an impact on this campus,”

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Zoe Foster, Staff Writer
Hi, I'm Zoe and this is my second year at the Mansfield Uproar. I like playing volleyball and making new experiences with my friends. This is my senior year and I'm excited to see what this last year brings for the class of '24.

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