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Band and Choir Prepare for Winter Concerts

Mansfield’s men’s choir performing in the Veteran’s Day concert

As the first semester ends, the band will have its winter concert on Wednesday and the choir will have a concert on Thursday.


“I’m working toward this big goal of being able to perform and make good music for people to enjoy,” senior Brianna Woodson said. “I have to put my best foot forward and put everything that I have into it.”  


Both will perform several winter-themed pieces over a few hours.  


“You have to find that fine line between challenging the students and give them room for growth,” band director William Ludlow said. “But also, it’s something they’re going to be able to achieve and perform at a high level.”


Band and choir have several concerts and performances throughout the school year. The band also performs at football games and school spirit events.


“It’s a little nerve-racking,” junior Jayden McDonald said. “I’m not a performer by trade. Performing in front of that many people, it’s scary.”


The band and choir practice using class time as well as afterschool practices. 


“People coming from all walks of life, backgrounds, situations, or circumstances and coming together to use their voices as one,” choir director Mariah Spiry said. “When we sing as a choir, we put music and artistry above ourselves, and humble ourselves to our audience.”


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