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MHS Prepares for Prom

Mansfield High School
The header for the MHS Prom 2024 website.

To give students a special event to make memories before graduation, the school is holding a prom at the Perot Museum on Saturday from 8:00-11:30 p.m. 


“The prom committee and senior crew looked at some cool decorations that we could rent and use and some pictures that we could recreate, and then they picked the theme based on that,” senior class co-sponsor Constance June said. “ I’m excited about the big storybook photo opp because our theme is ‘Ever After’, so finding this was the moment that made it all come to life for us.”


Perot Museum has five floors that will be full of different features and activities. June said she worked with the students throughout the school year to organize this event, and it was important for her to create an experience that was enjoyable for all. 


“What was really important to us was to create a prom where everybody could enjoy something. There will still be the classic DJ and dancing, but the rest of the floors give way to what others might want,” June said. “As you move throughout the museum there’s different food to try, different photos to get, and different music on each floor, so it’s just an experience that has something for everybody.”


Senior Sara Santillan has worked with the senior sponsors and other students to organize the decorations and other aspects of the prom, and she said she has enjoyed the process. 


“I like being the one who has the ideas and then actually seeing it come to life,” Satillan said. “I’m ready to see all the decorations come together that we picked out. I’m grateful that I got to help with it, and I just hope that everybody loves it as much as we do.”


The idea of prom is heavily displayed in the media, meaning many students have been looking forward to this event for years. Senior Madison Blevins said she is looking forward to finally having this experience. 


“I’m very excited to experience prom because everyone has either seen older siblings go to prom or they’ve watched it on TV,” Blevins said. “We’ve grown up watching all the Disney Channel prom episodes and now it’s finally our turn. I think prom is very important because it feels like a rite of passage.”


Because prom is generally a senior event, students who are attending are also preparing to leave high school and graduate. Senior Layla Tippens said she is excited to have this last high school memory. 


“If you’re a senior going to prom, it’s your last high school event before you graduate and go off to college,” Tippens said. “I’m so excited, because testing has been really stressful, and now I get to spend prom with my friends before I graduate.” 


In addition to prom, MHS holds an after-party hosted by the PTA for students to attend at the school. Blevins said she recognizes the benefits of having this option and is grateful that the school provides the opportunity.


“After prom, I’ll go to Goldrush, which is an after-prom party that they have at the school. My mom is in charge of it this year, so it should be a good time,” Blevins said. “It helps to make sure kids are staying safe instead of leaving prom and drinking. I think this makes Mansfield High School’s prom stand out from others because I don’t think many other schools do that.”


June said she is looking forward to seeing the students enjoy prom and engage in childlike fun as they finish their high school experience. 


“What’s great about prom is that you do see people that aren’t just stuck to one thing,” June said.  You’ll see students throughout the evening just wandering around with their friend group, smiling and laughing, and feeling like little kids while also acting grown-up as they’re dressed all fancy.”


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