Final Exemptions


Halle Garrett, Editor-in-chief

Beginning tomorrow students will endure multiple exams that account for approximately twenty percent of their overall grade. Flashback a year ago and students may of celebrated when finals weeks approached due to the opportunity to exempt classes then leave. However, this year the school demands students stay in their classroom even if they decide to exempt the final.

“The decision was made in order to better monitor the safety and security of students,” AP Libby Priddy said.

Rumors have flooded the hallways with the conclusion that this decision came directly from the state administration;however, this is not the case.

“This is a campus decision determined by campus administration. Three of the MISD campuses wanted to move in this direction,”Priddy said.

Due to the strictness of final exams increasing over the course of a few years, students fear the termination of exemptions. Have no fear, exemptions are here to stay.

“Campus administration at all MISD campuses support exemptions to exams for students who meet the criteria,” Priddy said.

Exams begin Tuesday for periods 5-9, Thursday marks the beginning of exams for periods 1-4. Students will be released at 11:25 on Friday.