Secrets for Successful Studying


Although dreaded by students as a dull, time-consuming ritual, studying is a necessary evil for success in school. While some may absorb information like a sponge, the general consensus is that studying is more like stu-dying. Students may find themselves shifting between multiple AP courses, extracurricular activities, sports, work, and an array of activities, so it is imperative to not waste any time. More effective studying can be accomplished through the incorporation of apps and mnemonics.

In the last century, the rapid development in technology has made drastic improvements in daily processes, and studying is no exception. Online index card services, such as Quizlet, eliminate the need to purchase and write on index cards, as well as add studying methods that were previously impractical to do. Although it is well known, it seems as though it often goes unused.  For things like vocabulary words and polyatomic ions, I feel like Quizlet is much more time efficient than physical index cards, since Quizlet is so much more feature-rich. Considering the prominence and accessibility of iPads, using apps can greatly improve studying habits.

Another useful method to save time when studying is using mnemonics. Although these are usually considered very cheesy, that is what makes them all the more memorable and entertaining. Two of the most common mnemonics are PEMDAS and MVEMJSUN, which are used for order of operations and planets, respectively. Mnemonics particularly useful when remembering rules or exceptions. For example,  in Algebra 2, I learned a lot of little, random mnemonics, such as thinking of exponents as trees, because the “power” is at the top and the “roots” are at the bottom, which helps with looking at exponent fractions. The quadratic formula can be sung to the tune of “Row, Row Your Boat” and “Jingle Bells,” which is definitely helpful for both Math and Physics. Mnemonics can be quite obscure, but they can make studying both easier and slightly less dreadful.

These two tips may come obvious to people when it comes to studying, which I think says two things. First, that some things are often overlooked and underrated, and second, that I think everyone has the chance to succeed just as the next person. Studying isn’t a difficult task itself, and there are always ways to improve it, but having the willpower and drive to do it often enough is the real secret.