MHS Wins Canned Food Drive


Through three weeks of advertising, school spirit, and raffle prizes (provided by National Honor Society), Mansfield High School beat Summit High School in the annual canned food drive competition.

“I think we started advertising the canned food drive a whole lot earlier,” NHS Vice President Spencer Bindel said. “We spent a whole lot more time letting people know about the canned food drive.”

MHS was announced as the winner at the football game last Friday night at Vernon Newsom Stadium.

“We donated 5,539 cans, and [we won by] about 2,000 cans,” Bindel said.

This year, NHS provided 7 raffle prizes, including Buffalo Wild Wing gift cards, Applebee’s gift cards, and a gourmet popcorn bag.

“I think we should get more involvement with the upperclassmen,” Bindel said. “A lot of underclassmen brought a lot more cans than the upperclassmen [judging] by the classrooms we saw.”