Upcoming Concerts and Tips

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Upcoming Concerts and Tips

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With the music festival and concert season drawing near, many students are beginning to wonder what concerts to go to, how much they should spend, and general tips about how to make it the most enjoyable experience possible.

Concert tickets have a vast range of prices, depending on what artist you want to see and what type of experience you want. Some could be $20, while others could be hundreds, such as senior Nadia Nunez who has spent up to $280.

“The most I’ve spent is probably $105 for Fortress Festival in April,” junior Parker Konchalski said.

Having connections could score you free tickets, but otherwise, most students save up their money.

“If you work, try to put money aside from each paycheck when there is an upcoming concert,” Nunez said.

For some of the larger venues, many eager fans are willing to wait hours or even days to catch a glimpse of their favorite artist.

“We showed up six hours hours early once for the Troye Sivan concert,” junior Jonathan Maloney said.

Aside from the financial aspect, there are other ways to make your concert to make it as fun as possible.

“Go with people you trust and feel comfortable around,” Konchalski said. “Don’t be rude. Don’t shove people. If you want to be at the front, you should get there early.”

Upcoming Concerts Nearby:

Hey Violet: March 12 (House of Blues)

Kevin Abstract: March 16 (House of Blues)

Hunter Hayes: March 30 (House of Blues)

Bastille: April 9 (Verizon Theatre)

The 1975: April 15 (Allen)

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: April 28 (House of Blues)

Kings of Leon: May 4 (Starplex Pavilion)

COIN: June 7 (Club Dada)

Metallica: June 16 (Arlington)

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