UIL District 2017

Mansfield High School’s UIL team dominated last week at District, winning first place overall school. Many people advanced to Regionals, which will be held at UTA on April 8th. The following is a list of people who placed in their events.


Joleen Aulgur- 6th place in Headline Writing

Spencer Bindel- 5th place in Current Issues

Kendall Boyd- 5th place in Ready Writing

Erika Conover- *1st place in Feature Writing, 4th place in Headline Writing, 6th place in News Writing

Hailey Davila- *3rd place in Poetry Interpretation

Simon Fleming-Wood- *3rd place in Prose Interpretation

Hailey Hamilton- 6th place in Literary Criticism

Brianna Hasty- *2nd place in Editorial Writing

Venny Kojouharov- 5th place in Number Sense

Kaylee Krumm- *1st place in Prose Interpretation

Eric Li- *3rd place in Persuasive Speaking

Hayes MacGregor- 4th place in Poetry Interpretation

Alexis Milam- *2nd place in Prose Interpretation

Juliana Neniel- *1st place in Social Studies

Andrew Nguyen- *2nd place in Mathematics, *1st place in Number Sense

Christina Nguyen- 4th place in Social Studies

Natalie Rocha- 4th place in Persuasive Speaking

Emma Tran- 4th place in Informative Speaking

Abby Werner- *1st place in Editorial Writing, 4th place Feature Writing, *2nd place in Headline Writing

Xing-Han Zhang- *2nd place in Calculator Applications, 4th place in Mathematics, *2nd place in Number Sense, *3rd place in Science

Note: The events with * are advancing to Regionals.

Team Results:

Current Issues Team placed 2nd (Darlene Allegra, Spencer Bindel, Chase Krieger, Ryan Tegze)

Journalism Team placed 1st (Joleen Aulgur, Erika Conover, Brianna Hasty, Abby Werner)

Mathematics Team placed 1st (Spencer Gerrett, Andrew Nguyen, Krusha Patel, Xing-Han Zhang)

Number Sense Team placed 1st (Venny Kojouharov, Andrew Nguyen, Angel Tukhi, Xing-Han Zhang)

Social Studies Team placed 2nd (Julia Brown, Jacob Hatch, Juliana Neniel, Christina Nguyen)

Speech Team placed (Adrian Azizi, Eric Li, Krusha Patel, Matthew Respondek, Natalie Rocha)