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Not many students get the opportunity to broadcast their personalities over the radio for their entire district to hear, much less do it every other day. Producing and putting out a show requires hours of work, prior knowledge and setting up. Two members of our newspaper staff joined The Drive, three students from Ben Barber, to sit in and experience how the radio show works.

“This is The Drive’s first year but we definitely are the best show thats come through Ben Barber,” Zaki, junior at Summit and a host of the show said. “We are on a whole other level.We made our own groups at the beginning of the year. Us three are the best in the class because we did good in Radio Two together.”

Although many radio shows go through Ben Barber, the guys applaud themselves on being the best show that Ben Barber offers. They’ve completed two hour shows with an array of guests as such as Erin Johnston, the Mansfield Golf team, Alex (an upcoming rapper) and JVNLS, an upcoming rap group. They’ve DJed at the Mansfield homecoming dance, the Legacy Choir Banquet and they have visited Timberview, Lakeridge, and Mansfield campuses for lunch.

“I make run sheets to decide if we will do all bits or not and see if we need pre-made commercial breaks. Its pretty much a basic outline of what we wanna talk about during the show because winging it is too risky.” Riley Glenn, senior at Frontier and host said.

The guys have six segments that they cover on their shows and they are each twelve minutes long.

  1. Relationships with Riley – about girls/relationships
  2. Tree of Trust – about venting and getting stuff of their chest
  3. Slippery Slope Stories – about anything bad that has happened
  4. Sports Car – about student athletes
  5. Student Speaks – about guests that sit in
  6. Drive Mode – about the show and talking their heads up

“We make “bangers” which are pretty much anything that bumps. We play a lot of Kodak and Future. We brought the trap wave to Ben Barber because we record at the campus.” Marcus Carr said. “Whatever I listen to we usually play. Timberview was jumping on the tables when we visited and all the AP’s were cool about it.”

“Making the show takes a long time because we do a lot of research before to make it funny.” Marcus said. “We try to tie in what people like and what they know.”

They produce shows every B day at 12.


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