How to Get a Job


With many expenses that come with being a teen in high school including school costs, clothes, and social events, getting the money to fund these activities is very difficult for a lot of teenagers. Throughout high school, kids learn how to solve algorithms and write annotated bibliographies; however, the important skill of how to obtain a job is often left out as it does not fit into the curriculum of a typical class. To find a job, you must understand the system, and to get the job, you must know where you are applying to.

To start off, the job system nowadays can be very misleading. When applying for different jobs, they often require a minimum amount of other job experience. The problem is students need a job to get job experience. However, there are ways around this problem. Some applications will also accept volunteer work as experience. Volunteer work is sometimes difficult to come across, however, because it is usually done in short increments and is not consistent enough to justify ‘experience.’ In this scenario, the best solution is to lower your job expectations, whether that be expanding your traveling radius or lowering the expected starting pay.

Another problem a lot of people encounter while applying for jobs includes the availability of jobs. Just because you are looking for a job does not necessarily mean they are looking for you. However, a lot of jobs are titled “seasonal” positions which are pretty easy to obtain. In the few months approaching the Halloween and Christmas seasons, lots of stores will hire a team of “seasonal” members to help serve the surplus of business during these busy seasons. Stores during this time are more likely to be looking for hirees which means it will be easier to find a job.

Lastly, applying for jobs is a lot different nowadays than it was 10 years ago. Most large companies have online applications. This makes it easy to apply to jobs at home which means more applications can be completed within a shorter amount of time. After completing an online application, it is also best to call the location if you have not heard back within 3 days of submitting the application.

After finding jobs to apply to, the next step is the process of getting the job.

Most jobs will request an interview with the prospective employee to determine whether or not he or she will fill the niche in the company. It is important to do research on a company before going into an interview in order to ask relevant questions and show that you are dedicated to learn about the company even before you get the job. For the interview, you should look professional and be polite and respectful when communicating. Remember, an interview is a conversation, not a lecture. Do not interrupt the interviewer, but be sure to make your presence known.

It is important to be yourself while interviewing. This, however, does not mean to be casual while communicating. Remember to always follow responses with a “Ma’am or Sir.” It is important to avoid phrases such as:

-”yeah” when saying yes.

-”Hey” when saying hello.

-”Wanna” or “gonna” when saying want to or going to.

When finishing the interview, be sure to thank the interviewer for his or her time. Your last impression will be the one they remember so smile, do not roll your eyes, and do not let out a sigh of relief while leaving the building. You never know who could be watching.