Work Environment Struggles

Work Environment Struggles

The most important thing about having a job is actually enjoying your work environment. When you go to work you should not absolutely hate it and have a decently positive attitude. I understand not everyone is in the position where they can quit their job and be unemployed for a bit before they find a new job, so here are a few things you can try before putting in your two-weeks-notice.

1. Remember why you’re working: for the money.

Some people need to pay bills or for school or just to have some extra spending money. This isn’t exactly the best mindset to have, but I know that when I get my check I am always happy.

2. Make friends.

When you work with people you enjoy spending time with, you begin to look forward to going to work so you can see your ‘work bestie.’ At the restaurant I work at I like Friday nights and Sunday brunch the best because I am with my work friends.

3. Give yourself some time to relax before you go in.

I know this may not be possible for everyone if they work right after school, but even 15 minutes to yourself can be a lifesaver before a shift. I always try to take a nap before going in to work. It helps if you can go in to work with a more positive mindset.

4. While at work, don’t look at a clock.

Keep yourself busy and try to avoid keeping an eye on the time. What I try to do is keep busy and ask anyone if they need help with anything. Also, when the restaurant gets busy at it’s peak time, I am constantly running around, so that helps too.

If you still hate your work environment, to the point where you dread going in every time, and these things no longer help, then it’s probably time to start looking for a new job. A negative environment is tough on your physical and emotional stability, and you deserve better.