Editorial: Mansfield Tiger SuperFan app


By designing an app available to all students, faculty, parents and community members, Principal Jennifer Young hopes to promote better participation in school activities. Her goal is to release the app by the end of January.

Students, faculty and parents should download the free Mansfield Tiger SuperFan app because it will allow them to be more informed, participate more and earn rewards.

Each day when students arrive at school, they should check in with the app. That way, they are both earning points and getting information right at their fingertips. As most students pay no attention to the daily announcements, this app is a simple way to resolve the issue. One click takes them to any information they need about game times and locations, club meetings or other spirit events. Parents will also have access to login to see how both they and their child can get into the action. In this era of new technology, it is even easier to access any type of information needed.

The app also gives students a chance to win prizes such as tee-shirts, hoodies or tumbler cups. They can get free merchandise just by checking in to a school-related event. Currently, the plan is to make checking in to school worth one point; home game attendance will be worth two, while away game participation would be worth four points; other check-ins such as spirit nights or academic competitions would earn more. Basically, point values will be based on how simple it may be to attend or participate. Then, ‘prices’ will be determined to win rewards.

While some students may feel that the app is unnecessary, it ultimately will result in an increased amount of participation from students, faculty and community members alike. The school prides itself on having the best students in the district, so showing how engaged and involve everyone is will help establish that claim. Studies also show being involved and actively participating in high school is important and makes the experience more enjoyable.

For those who hesitate using the app, the school could also include “fan-experience” rewards. In addition to the spirit gear, some other prizes may include hearing a locker room speech after a game or throwing out the first pitch at baseball or softball games.

The new Tiger SuperFan app will better both the school and the community to help connect Mansfield as a whole. When advisory teachers introduce the app, students should pay attention and take the steps to download it and use it to make their high school experience even better.