Scholarship Help

As seniors submit their college applications and receive their acceptance letters, financial aid is a big factor in choosing the next step in life. While FAFSA offers a solution to assuage the high  costs of college, this often does not give enough money to make a substantial difference. Ultimately, the only other option to avoid student loans and debt is applying for scholarships.


Here are some websites that can help with the search for scholarships best suited for each student.

This site does cost money to start an account and match all of your scholarship opportunities, but is ranked the number-one scholarship application site in the world. After filling out your profile, it will prepare a list of all scholarships that apply to you.

This site is similar to Scholly in that it matches the most appropriate scholarships to you, but it is free to use and make an account.

This website features a “No-Essay Scholarship,” which is just like it sounds. For simply filling out a few key details such as name, email and address, you can apply for this grant worth $1,000. This scholarship is available each month.

The Collegeboard offers several scholarships just for filling out a college list, practicing for the SAT, improving your SAT score, completing your FAFSA and applying to college. Each ‘task’ warrants a different amount of money ranging from $500 to $2,000.

This site not only provides useful practice and tips for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, PSAT and CLEP,  but it also runs as a search engine for many scholarships, grants and awards.