Entertainment Review: The State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is back for its annual aperture with each ticket costing $1. With a variety of new foods and over 70 rides, I didn’t want to miss a visit to the state fair this year. It felt almost impossible to choose which foods to buy and which rides to try. 

There was no doubt I needed to try the Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake on a Stick first, located in the Tower Building Food Court. When we arrived we waited about 3 minutes to get our order taken. While waiting we saw the many options of flavors they had such as strawberry, peanut butter and oreo to name a few. The Nutella flavor, however, looked the most tempting out of them all, costing 14 tickets. The wait for the cheesecake was around 15-20 minutes. People were crowded all over the place with some people cutting the line, leaving no room to hear who was next. Besides that, the cheesecake was delicious, the slice was thick with a decent amount of chocolate coverage. Caramel and Nutella drizzle were added as well as tiny bits of hazelnut and a strawberry on top, you could taste all the flavors in one bite. The cheesecake is worth trying on your next visit to the fair. 

Another food I tried from their new selection was the Motherclucker Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich sells for 13 tickets with two spicy level options, mild and hot, I chose mild. The sandwich contains creamy pimento cheese and salty pickles which felt like a perfect combination. The bread, however, felt oily to the touch and made most of the sandwich feel greasy which was expected but felt disappointing. If you’re looking for something savory to fill you up, the Motherclucker Chicken Sandwich is worth it. But between the sandwich and the Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake, the cheesecake is the better option. 

While waiting for the ferris wheel line to proceed, I decided to get some tacos from the Midway. For 8 tickets you get two tacos, which is pretty expensive if you ask me. The tacos were also small and even though they were decent I wouldn’t buy them again. They come in a flour tortilla, topped with cilantro and onion, accompanied by red salsa and lime. The salsa was flavorful without being too spicy. Even though the tortilla had the perfect chewy texture and the chicken was juicy, the tacos were too expensive to be $4 each, so I don’t recommend getting them.

Even though the line for the ferris wheel was long it constantly advanced. The ferris wheel costs 12 tickets and takes you all around the wheel twice. Each cabin seats 4 people and makes a stop every six cabins to let people in and out. This allows for a lasting view of the Dallas skyline. The longest time I stopped was at the very top, it felt peaceful but scary, the wind would rock the cart back and forth which gave me butterflies. Nevertheless, being able to see downtown Dallas from another perspective gave me some sort of tranquility. It was a beautiful moment and I would choose to relive it all over again if I could. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the fair. Even just walking around and seeing the attractions made it worth going. If you’re planning on going to the State Fair this weekend I suggest trying the Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake and buying tickets for the Ferris wheel.