Editorial: Open House at the High School Level

Open house is an opportunity to showcase any work students are working on as well as a way for parents to communicate with teachers. As students get older and become more self-sufficient, there is less use in direct parent-teacher contact. 

Because there are plenty of opportunities for teachers to communicate with families, open houses should be discontinued as the time spent on them could benefit other activities, many families do not come to the event and there are other times to communicate with teachers such as email or parent-teacher conferences.

With the help of technology, many teachers have their assignments online which leave them with nothing to show during open houses. Parents also have access to these assignments through Canvas which they can view from home. Both high school teachers and students have to balance different courses which leaves them with no specific topic to go over for parents. 

Teacher time may be misused because of open house. Even though parents do come, the quantity is small and may be something that can be worked through by email. This is time that could be spent on lesson planning or on personal activities. 

If a parent or guardian wants to contact the teacher, options such as Canvas, email and Skyward are available. This makes it easier to get to the point and focus on a specific topic that may need to be talked about and to set up any meetings. Communicating through any of these options can make it more professional as it focuses on the students education and makes it easier to access any online assignments or links. 

Parents are encouraged to communicate with their students about their school lives as well as feel free to contact teachers with any concerns they may have throughout the year instead of only using the dedicated days to do so.

Discontinuing open house is essential. If parents need to help with school work they can communicate with their students, set up a meeting or send an email to teachers. Student and parent communication should be the first line of action before advancing to teacher communication to try to resolve any issues families may have regarding school.