Seniors Exchange Pen Pal Letters With Elementary School

Seniors are participating in a pen pal program with J.L. Boren students. Seniors will receive their second letter Monday.

“I don’t know the exact date, but it’s been over 20 [to] 25 years,” sponsor Chrissy Boydstun said.

The program began Jan. 30, and will end around May. At the end of the program, the elementary students who participated will take a field trip to Mansfield to meet their pen pal.

“They come up and get pictures,” Boydstun said. “And they get to meet their senior and a bunch of other cool stuff.” 

Senior Crew is taking the lead on the program along with StuCo to give the seniors and Boren students a fun experience they will remember until they are seniors. 

“I wanted to do it to have fun and relive the past,” Senior Crew member Avery Wheeler said.

Seniors who are not on Senior Crew are also excited like senior Savannah Leavitt. 

“I’m excited to write my letter and decorate it,” she said. “It’s been super fun hearing about their favorite things and hear what it’s like to be in elementary school. It’s cool the day we pickup our letters, because the anticipation grew as soon as we dropped off our letters we sent.”

Though other MISD schools have tried this program, Mansfield is the only school to carry on the tradition.

“Yes, they’ve tried with other schools, but Mansfield is the only one that does it,” Boydstun  said.