A Guide to Prom Dress Shopping


As prom approaches, seniors are searching for the perfect dress. Because prom dresses tend to be a one time use, students may be looking for more affordable options. There are many places to shop for those who may be still looking for a dress.

-Thrift Stores: Even though thrift stores do not provide various options like other stores do, they become very convenient when looking for low-cost clothing. If you are a fan of surprises, this may be an exciting option for you as you never really know what you will find. Helping the planet is another bonus for when shopping at thrift stores as it reduces waste. 

-Online: Stores such as Amazon, Windsor, Lulus and Lucy in the Sky offer plenty of options under $100. You can find all kinds of colors and styles online as well as reviews and pictures from past customers. Reviews always come in handy as they help determine whether the dress accommodates your needs. 

-Purchase from former students: Check out @mansfieldhsprom2023 on instagram to find dresses from former students. Checking out other MISD prom accounts will provide a wider spectrum of options as well. 

Since prom dresses are usually a one time wear, many older seniors are selling their old dresses. You can check out @mansfieldhsprom on instagram for any updates. 

-Rent: If you are looking to wear a dress that you do not plan on keeping, finding a rental is advisable. Not only will renting a dress save you money but it will also save closet space and help reduce impact on the environment. 

Prom does not have to be expensive and there are plenty of alternatives to find a dress that works best for you.