Music Review: Entergalactic


Entergalactic is American Hip-Hop artist Kid Cudi’s eighth studio album. It was released Sept. 30, 2022 as a soundtrack to an animated series on Netflix called, “Entergalactic.” Widely believed to be Cudi’s final full length album, fans have been eager to listen since the album was announced three years ago. 

The album opens with a mesmerizing recording of his famous humming called, “Entergalactic Theme.” As the heavy 808 beats come in, the tempo and volume of Kudi increases, creating this feeling of anticipation for the album, perfectly setting the scene and mood of the new record.

The second track on the album is called “New Mode.” This track has the same mesmerizing, floating feeling of the introduction track. The first real lyrics of the album are “finally got my head right, it’s a new me.” Cudi has always been known for being open about his mental illnesses, and his advocacy for mental health. For fans, it is heartwarming to know Cudi is in a better place after checking into rehab in 2016. Cudi ends the track with a proclamation stating he is a new person and has new goals and ambitions. 

The third track, “Do What I Want,” starts with a funny sample of sports personality, Stephen A. Smith, saying one of his famous phrases. The 808’s come in setting a faster paced, more aggressive tone to the song. Cudi has a repetitive hook throughout the song, “I can do what I want.” Cudi is saying he is done listening to other people and trying to be someone he isn’t. He says he is going back to his old self starting, “Cudder back on the moon.” This is a reference to his popular “Man On the Moon,”  trilogy. 

The next track is “Angel.” This song is a change in pace, back to the slow floating vibe of the first two songs. This song should have been shorter, more of an interlude, instead it feels more like a filler song without any substance or depth. Still, it is filled with the famous humming that Cudi is known for. 

Song four is “Ignite The Love.” Once again, the beginning of the song is filled with Cudi humming, but this time there is a new element, an upbeat acoustic guitar setting the mood of this song. This song is about finding love, but it seems to be a little everywhere. There are a lot of cliche phrases like “I need you,” and “I want you,” repeated throughout the song. Unlike a lot of Cudi’s older songs, this song doesn’t seem to have any deeper meaning or emotional value, instead it seems to be more of a love confession. Cudi also experiments with some different ad-libs that do not work as well as his normal humming and harmonization. 

Track five is “In Love.” The opening lines to this song are, “Never have I seen someone so pretty, wow. It’s pretty, wild, crazy.” While these are some corny lyrics, the delivery and cadence is what makes this song. The entire song is filled with lyrics about being mesmerized by a girl. The way Cudi sings the lyrics and the harmonization on the chorus make this one of the best songs on the album. 

Song six is “Willing To Trust,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The song opens with Cudi saying he has been eager for this day and that a certain girl’s touch “paralyzes” him. One of the best melodic hip-hop artists on the scene, Ty Dolla $ign, does amazing on the chorus and harmonization of this track, bringing a whole new element to the song. Cudi then repeats the line, “I got you to worry about,” for the rest of the track. The phrase I got you to worry about is actually very moving, he sings with a happy tone, he is eager to finally have someone to worry about.

The seventh song of the album is “Can’t Believe It,” featuring 2 Chainz. The song starts with a heavier beat and has a more mumble rap, an angry feel to it. It seems to be an arrogant and aggressive track. Cudi and 2 Chainz go back and forth continuing the angry tone. The song ends on a smeary beat.

Song eight is “Livin’ My Truth.” This is a self proclamation in the form of a song. Very similar to “Do What I Want,” Cudi states he is doing his own thing, and making the best of his situations. My favorite part of this song is the call back to his “Man on the Moon” albums and the melodic guitar in the background. 

The next track is called “Maybe So.” This song is about suffering in silence. Cudi describes the pain he is in, saying things like when he dreams he sees his ex-girlfriend, and how he doesn’t believe people when they say he is going to be okay. He pleads with this girl to not leave, and to not go find someone else because he misses her. This song includes a beautiful violin in the background that really brings this track together.

Song nine is “Can’t Shake Her,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. This is a short that seems to be a sequel to “Maybe So.” Cudi mentions dreaming about this girl again and says he is not able to “shake her,” he wants to get away from her but his mind won’t let him. 

Track 10 is “She’s Lookin’ For Me”. This song has a cool guitar riff in the background, and Cudi’s voice almost sounds distant and has a cool echo to it. This song is a story song, Cudi states in the first verse, “He’s looking for me,” and in the second verse sings, “She’s looking for me.” The verses are filled with the desires both people have and how they both are interested in each other but are both too scared to say anything.

Song 11 is “My Drug.” This is once again a love song, similar to the last few songs this is a proclamation of love. He tells the same girl, “Take my heart.” Cudi compares this girl to a drug, taking control of him and his emotions, creating an addiction and dependence on her, similar to someone addicted to a drug. 

Song 12 is “Somewhere to Fly,” featuring Don Toliver. This song makes it seem as if Cudi has gotten the girl, saying the vibes are right with her and he feels at peace when he is around her. Don Toliver comes in with the hook, singing about being the right one for this girl, and how he can take her places she has never been. 

The final song on the album is “Burrow,” featuring Don Toliver, Steve Aoki and Dot Da Genius. This song is about Cudi’s breakthrough, he describes how he was, “living in hell,” and how now he is happy where he is. The song is over a very heavy 808, the bass is almost louder than the actual melody and singing, but the beat only takes over on certain parts, making the song flow well together. This song effectively closes out Cudi’s probable final album, with the same thing the album opened with, his famous angelic humming. 

All in all, Entergalactic is a good album to end Cudi’s run of good albums. Is it his best? No. Nonetheless, it is still an amazing collaboration between multiple artists and effectively brings closure to Cudi fans worldwide.