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The Final Countdown to Graduation

Senior Sunrise kicked off a year full of events for seniors.
Claire Speakes
Senior Sunrise 2023.

As there are events for seniors throughout the year, they will have the opportunity to participate in the Homecoming dance September 9.


“Our goal is just to create things that stand out in their minds,” senior co-sponsor & physics teacher Constance June said. “We just want to leave lasting memories for the seniors.”


The Homecoming dance was scheduled to be on Saturday, the day after the football game. Recently, it has been pushed back a week to September 9.


“The Homecoming dance is usually the day after the football game,” senior-co sponsor & English teacher Chrissy Boydstun said. “Since our Homecoming is early this year and falls on Labor Day weekend, we decided to move it a week.”


Along with these events, there are important dates to remember. Senior Pictures will be taken on September 27 and October 21. Later in the year, senior prom will be May 18 at the Perot Museum.


“It’s kind of hard for the adults to control the kids, so events seem kind of messy,” senior Nathan Savitch said. “I’m never super eager to go to any of them, but it’s nice to know that they exist.”


The neon-themed football game against DeSoto on November 2 will be a senior night, which gives special seating for seniors in the stadium.


“Along with the events that work well, we try to add new events every year,” June said. “Last year, we added ‘Tiger Tag,’ and it ended up being a huge success so we’re bringing it back this year. It’s kind of like their way of leaving their mark.”


Although most events apply to all students, some are exclusive to seniors. For example, the first Thursday of every month is a day for seniors to wear all denim.


“These senior-only events are pretty important in my opinion,” Savitch said. “It feels united, like we’ve spent the past four years at school together and now is our time to celebrate.”


Across the board, there are slightly differing opinions on senior events.


“Some of these themes are just too niche, and it feels like there’s not a lot to do with them,” Savitch said. “I think they’re important, though. I guess it’s nice to be honored in that way.”

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