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Looking Back on Evolv

Haley Willis
Students walking through the Evolv terminals at the beginning of the school day.

After Evolv Express launched at Mansfield High on October 12, the Uproar is following up to address any afterward changes to the system.


“Well I do understand the need for it, it can be annoying at times,” sophomore Brooke Itana said. “Personally, I haven’t noticed a big change because of it. I can’t say it improved anything, but I can’t say it made anything worse either.”


Evolv Express was set to roll out at MHS on October 10. However, this was pushed back two days as a result of system issues experienced at Timberview High School. On the day of its launch, there were delays with entry to the building. As Evolv Express has continued usage, these delays have been mostly resolved.


“I think that the launch has been pretty good so far,” junior Nathaniel Valadez said. “The only problem I still have with it is that the lines can be a little long sometimes.”


So far, students have flagged the system for binders, instruments, chargers, and other items. According to a report from the security technology research firm IPVM, there has been up to a 60% false alarm rate in schools.


“I’m not completely sure how it works, but I’d want them to fix its detecting system,” Itana said. “If it’s supposed to flag dangerous things but fails to catch a Chromebook, it might not be doing its job.”


The Federal Trade Commission, the agency responsible for preventing fraudulent business practices, is currently looking into Evolv for its marketing practices. According to Reuters, the FTC claims that Evolv may be overestimating the effectiveness of the system to accurately detect weapons.


“I think that sometimes it ‘beeps’ with nothing to go off about,” Valadez said. “It sometimes feels like it’s a little too much work, but it’s necessary for the school to be protected in some way.”


However, many believe that Evolv has overall been a success. 


“I feel safer because it’s another layer of security in case someone does try to harm others in our school,” Itana said. “I can trust that it will be detected and dealt with if it all goes right. However, due to the inconsistency, it all really depends on how well it actually works.”

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