Throwback Thursday: AP Edition- Jeff Pollard

Jessica Khazem, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that there is a love-hate relationship between the assistant principals and students here at Mansfield High School. We don’t like the rules, but we like the AP. Ignoring his serious authority figure, Mr. Pollard has answered some questions about his past.

What year did you graduate high school? Which high school? 

“I graduated in 1974 from Castle Berry High School which is in River Oaks, Forth Worth.”

Did you have a dress code at your high school? Did you have an ID policy?

“No, there were no IDs, but there was a dress code. Golly it’s been so long, basically the one thing I remember was that your hair couldn’t be too long. It had to be even with the top of your ears, and I don’t think it could touch your collar. Most people wore jeans, but you couldn’t wear offensive clothes or anything like that.”

Did you have a high school sweetheart?

“Actually no not really, in fact friends of mine got together and got me to ask a girl to the prom. So basically, I just kind of hung around with a bunch of different people, guys and girls.”

Did you have an AP at your high school? Did you like him/her if you did?

“Well actually for the first two years, the AP was my father. He was one of the assistant principals and got moved down to the administration’s building, but Mr. Robinson would be my other AP that I had after my father. I liked all of my assistant principals and knew them all since they were all friends of my dad. I guess maybe that is why I’m doing what I do possibly.”

Where did you attend college?

“I went to Tarrant County for the first year, then I went to Texas Tech for three years and graduated with a bachelor’s, and I got my master’s in administration from North Texas.”

What was your dream career as a teenager?

“I guess when I went to college I was interested in archeology, and so I took a couple of classes, but things kind of changed, but that would’ve been something I would’ve pursued. I always watched the shows about Egypt and all of that kind of stuff. I find that interesting.”

What was your favorite fashion trend during high school?

“Oh my, I don’t know I’ve never really been fashion conscience. I usually just wore jeans and a t-shirt and shoes so I don’t know that I could name one other than a very casual fashion and that’s the way I am.”

What kind of teenager were you?

“Since my dad was at school, I certainly did what I had to do at school. I remember I would always bring books home but I don’t think I ever opened a book at home. I did all of my work at school. I did well on homework and probably could’ve done better on tests so I guess I was about a B average student. I wasn’t top of the class.”

How long have you been at Mansfield?

“Ive been here since 1987 , I came here when the high school was at the Wester campus. It was Mansfield High School over there, and so I’ve been here for a very very long time. Almost 30 years basically. Mrs. White and I and Miss Tarwater ,she’s the lady that does the copy machine, have all been here since around that time.”