Spring Into Some Trends

Halle Garrett, Staff Writer

RIGHT PALIThe sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the latest fashion trends have hit the runway. Striking models have debuted an a ray of icey pastels, as seen on Jason Wu’s catwalk, wide leg trousers(BCBG Max Azria), and even the daring manly trends that include bomber jackets and tuxedo pants. New York trends haven’t yet emerged in student’s closets. Ladies here seem to prefer a more laid back, comfy and practical wardrobe for the upcoming months.

A trend that has hit both upper and lower class men are strappy sandal, known as Chacos. These shoes are meant to be a supportive walking and hiking sandal, yet students seem to use this crafty footwear to trudge through the hallways to their class.

” I wouldn’t wear them because they seem like they would be beach shoes,”  sophomore Taylor Parker said.

To go along with the Cali vibe, Maxi Skirts have also been sported all around the school in many colors and patterns. Tribal and bright colors are among the most popular.

” I like Maxi skirts because you don’t have to wear pants,” sophomore Sophia Torres said. ” It’s like wearing Nike shorts.”

Another sandal seems to have struck mainstream this spring, this shoes are made by a Hawaiian company and go by the name ” Pali’s” or some like to call them ” Jesus sandals” or “Jerusalem cruisers” . They retail for about $8, yet they are only sold in Hawaii, so the total comes to $16 if you were to purchase them online.

“I have seen a lot of people wearing Jesus sandals,” sophomore Ashlyn Stevens said. ” They are comfy and go with all things!”

To suite a more preppy taste, girls have channeled monograms to items of everyday life. Whether their initials are on a cup, necklace or shirt, this trend has been seen many times in the hallways.

” I’ve seen a lot of monograms,”  sophomore Faith Korotash said. ” I have an obsession with them!”

Some clothing has never lost it’s lust from last year, and continue to be a favorite for all students. Denim has been seen in colors, designs, and high- wasted jeans are a booming trend, especially shorts.

” Denim is great for Spring because it goes with everything,” junior Gaby Moya said.

Trends don’t have to be a major staple idea for students to wear, bright colors are much common now than two months ago. Bright pinks, bold oranges and electric blues have have been fluttering among the school.

” Bright colors are good for Spring,” freshman Courtney Koger said.

These trends have been contagious through out the school among certain genres of people, however, a vast number of students opt for a completely effortless look. Generally, this image consists of  t-shirts that are mostly over-sized, leggings  or skinny jeans and to finish it off, a sloppy bun or ponytail rests on top of their head. It’s a very casual and athletic look, which is some what like a trend spreading.

Spring trends have hit MHS, but it won’t be long til new appearal will hit mainstream for the summer months ahead.