Too Early for Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and students weighed in on how early is too early for planning for Valentine’s Day.

“I feel like two weeks is good. A month would be thoughtful, but I feel like that is a little too early,” sophomore Christian Simmons said.

For others, Valentine’s Day is more than a celebration between a couple, but between family.

“I’d say really it depends on the situation and what you’re planning to do, like for me, I have to plan two to three weeks ahead because for me it’s my dad’s birthday on Valentine’s Day,” sophomore Jackson Hughes said.

Some parents get into the celebration for their children, even though it does not always work out.

“One of my closest friends, his family threw an entire party for him and his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, and the funny thing was that they broke up three weeks later,” Hughes said.

Although some love to plan out surprises and gifts for February 14th, other students are not large fans of the holiday.

“It’s never been a super important holiday from my point of view. If someone got me flowers, I would say “Oh, that’s so sweet” because just little things like that are┬ácute but it’s not a big deal to me,” sophomore Hailey Hoffman said.