Seniors’ Last Semester

Seniors Last Semester

After three and a half school years seniors are finally in their last semester of high school. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing in just a couple months you’ll be in the real world, and everyone you’ve grown up with will be going their separate ways. Senior year brings with it a mix of emotions, from the stress of applying to colleges, to trying to get your GPA as high as possible, to the nostalgic feeling of knowing that this is your last semester of high school. Although it can be a little sad, knowing a huge change is coming is exciting.

“I’m beyond ready to graduate and meet new people. I can’t wait to get out of high school and really start making my own decisions,” Nadia Nunez said.

“I’m going to miss all my friends and having fun with them every weekend, but I’m even more ready to meet friends in Austin and study hard too,” Ryan Hurt said.

Senior year classes have a stereotype of being significantly easier, and students had mixed responses.

“Yes, my senior classes are all very easy. Just like how everyone says their going to be,” Grayson Hilburn said.

Most people have high expectations for their senior year to be full of fun times and memories.

“My senior year is much harder than I thought honestly,” Randy Nevins said.

Other students have had a different experience, “No not at all, it’s been much more boring than expected and it’s going by pretty slow.” Hilburn said.

“I am not going to college where I expected, I used to choose off of good sports teams, but now it’s more than that,” Nevins said.

Since we are separating from our childhood friends getting involved in college can help to meet new people.

“I want to join a fraternity” Hilburn said.

Other students have a little more of a less common plan for staying involved.

“Being involved in the fashion show club at FIT or LIM. I also plan on having internships and a job,” Mackenzie Adams said.

We have all grown close to at least a couple of people over the last four years and separating from everyone will be a transition.

“I want to try to stay connected with people from high school, but I know that I will only stay connected with a slight few,” Nevins said.

“No, I don’t really plan on staying connected with very many people from high school, especially considering I am moving pretty far away. Moving away is going to be starting fresh, with a new environment and new people too,” Adams said.

You may have loved high school, or maybe you just can’t wait to get out, either way this is our last semester and making it a good one with plenty of memories is important.