Weekend Things to Do: Winter Holiday Edition


It is Friday. With no plans that night, except maybe trying to catch up on the latest show on Netflix, you are bundled up with blankets. You have been straining your eyes while staring at the glowing screen for too long. Weekends and long breaks are periods of time where boredom can strike, but there are many opportunities and activities to make it more interesting and fun.


-Ice skating: With the new Dr. Pepper StarCenter in Mansfield, ice skating rinks are in close proximity. Even if unskilled, it is an enjoyable experience for many. On the weekends, bucket zones are available for beginners learning ice skating. On Dec. 7th, there is a holiday ice show to watch.

-Read a book: Buy a new book or go to the public library where thousands of books are available. There are many books out there waiting to be read including the popular book, The Hate U Give, which is about cultural acceptance.

-Visit a museum: There are many diverse museums and exhibits around you including ones that are free or low-cost, such as the Kimbell Art museum or the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth.

-Escape room: Work together with your friends or family to solve the interactive puzzles at the Mindmaze in Mansfield.

-Go to a park: At Rose Park, there are basketball courts and playgrounds, while Elmer W. Oliver Nature park offers a more natural walking path. Walk, run or bike along the scenic routes with a friend or family. You can find a shady area to eat a picnic or take your dog on an adventure.

-Shopping: Winter is approaching and it is the perfect time to buy warm clothes and gifts. The Academy store in Mansfield is now open with a large selection of sport goods and clothing.

-Drawing or painting: One of the several ways to express your creativity and ideas. No rules. No limits.

-Christmas Lights: With Christmas coming right around the corner, decorative lights are up including Grand Prairie’s Prairie lights at Joe Pool Lake.

-Sign up for a class: Whether it be dancing or art classes, you can learn or perhaps discover a new passion. Music Place Mansfield has several options for instrument lessons while Mansfield Academy of Dance has both adult and children classes.

-Cook food: Make something new to eat such as a delicious meal or dessert. You can try cooking a different food you have never tasted. Some ideas can be found on the Food Network website, which includes tasty Hanukkah and Christmas recipes.

-Volunteer: Use your time to make somebody else’s day better. In Mansfield, the animal shelter and public library are always looking for volunteers.

-Camping, hunting and fishing: A fresh breath of air can be relaxing, but it can also be rewarding when you bring home dinner.

-Spa: Treat yourself with a soothing massage or pedicure at one of the many places nearby such as Avante and Serenity’s.