Feature: Linsy June

Senior class co-sponsor Linsy June winced at the thought of cramming 600 seniors into one gym to discuss prom. Instead of trying to get all the information out in one meeting, she created a website to better reach seniors. 

Because prom was May 8, June made a website so students could easily learn more about what the event would be like this year.

“Prom this year is being remarketed as more of a formal gala rather than a high school dance,” she said. “ We knew a lot of seniors were confused as to what that would entail.”

June said the website contains everything the students need to know about prom.

“You can see what each page entails just by looking at the buttons on the home page,” she said. “There is information for seniors to check leading up to prom as well as information they will want the evening of prom. We have all this information in this one, easy-to-navigate place so that it essentially becomes a one-stop-shop for all things prom information.”

After students asked how they would win prizes from the casino and arcade games, June thought of a solution.

“Come prom night, we will not have the chance to announce winners of the prize drawing to all seniors in a room, due to social distancing concerns, so we knew we would need a way to publish those results live for seniors to see throughout the evening,” she said. “The website provides a link to a spreadsheet where those results will be shared.” 

Along with the website for prom, June has done many things for the senior class prom.

“The majority of our efforts went toward reaching out to district administration and doing everything we could to get prom approved,” she said. “After that, it became a race to find a new venue that could accommodate our unique situation since our old venue could not. We have spent a lot of time just trying to design a prom that will be a fun, formal evening for seniors to enjoy, especially given the district mandate on no dancing at prom.”

Because of June’s positive mentality and work ethic, senior  and student body president Emma Mayes said she admires her.

“I have really enjoyed working with her as she has this energy that most people don’t have,” Mayes said. “She never stops working when she puts her mind to something and it’s something that everyone admires about her.”

Senior class president Cassidy Cox said she loves working with June.

“She’s super dedicated and detail oriented,” Cox said. “Ms. June never settles for anything less than perfection and expects the best out of everybody.”

June said she enjoys being the senior class co-sponsor.

“I love working to provide these memories and moments to seniors,” she said. “It’s such a pivotal and important time in their lives and they deserve to cap it off with grand moments they’ll always remember.”