Throwback Thursday: DeeAnne Garrett


This week’s first Throwback Thursday of the year features Mrs. DeeAnne Garrett. She discovered her passion for teaching when she was a teacher’s aide in college and has taught math for over 28 years.


Q: What is your favorite sport and why?

A: Baseball- grew up watching it with my dad, and now both my boys watch it, and my husband played it.


Q: What kind of high school student would you have described yourself as?

A: Good student, social and busy, was in band, ran track and cross country, worked, had good grades.


Q: What would your spirit animal be and why?

A: Polar Bear, I love the cold.


Q: Where did you go for college?

A: UT Dallas for Bachelor’s (in Mathematics), UT Arlington for Master’s (in Educational Administration)


Q: Favorite movie of all time?

A: “The Notebook,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Overboard.”


Q: Any advice for students?

A: Work hard, know where you want to go to college and see what they require before your junior and senior year so you are prepared; have fun and be involved here (at MHS) or you will feel left out.