Throwback Thursday: Dawn Candler


This week’s staff member for Throwback Thursday is counselor Dawn Candler. Candler attended and graduated from Texas A&M University with a masters degree in Educational Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts in English. 

Q: Best memory from high school?

Spending time with my friends

Q: What is your favorite sport and why?

My favorite sports to play in high school were volleyball or softball. My favorite sports to watch are football and soccer. I love the game, the excitement and the fast pace.

Q: What kind of high school student would you have described yourself as?

High was divided in two halves for me. When I was in 9th & 10th grade, I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was very involved in extracurricular activities. I played volleyball, softball and ran track. I did well in my classes because I worked hard. I had a lot of friends that I had grown up with…and we started high school in the 7th grade so I had been in my high school for four years. The summer before my junior year, we moved to Spring, TX. My new high school was huge. My graduating class was three times the size of the one I had been a part of for four years. I made friends but it was hard. Instead of getting involved at school, I got a part time job and took college courses to fill my time. 

Q: What would your spirit animal be and why?

My spirit animal is the dolphin. I love the ocean and all things the dolphin represents –  help, guidance, messages, intelligence, fun, joyfulness, freedom, teamwork and transformation.

Q: Where did you go for college and what was your major?

I went to Texas A&M University and am a part of the class of 1998. My undergraduate degree is a BA in English. I also have a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from A&M (2000).

Q: Favorite movie of all time?

Pitch Perfect

Q: Any advice for students?

Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t grow up too fast.