The Perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas

As we grow up, past holidays tend to be a blur when reminiscing about them. For Christmas especially, it’s hard to remember what gifts we get from each year. But sometimes, we get ones that last a lifetime. In the second grade, I received a life-changing gift: my best friend.

It was Christmas Eve and my family had just returned home from church. In my family, we celebrate the night together. It was an opportunity for my grandparents on my mom’s side to give us their gifts since we typically spent Christmas morning at my other grandparent’s house, so it wasn’t uncommon to receive presents early. It’s a tradition anyone would welcome.

In the middle of all the commotion that comes with children running around and adults talking, the doorbell rang. My parents quickly rounded my sister and I up and ushered us to the front door. I was confused about who could possibly be at our doorstep on Christmas Eve. As my parents opened the door, a small friend with black and brown fur sat on the poarch. His leash wrapped with shiney red ribbons and a name tag that said the gift was from none other than Santa. I was astounded. I had been asking for a dog for as long as I could remember and here he was, a puppy that was only a few weeks old. We spent hours trying to pick out a name and eventually we settled on Butterball, and if you ask me, it fits him pretty well. 

Being able to be his owner is the best gift I have ever gotten. My dog has been through the many moves that come with buying and selling a house, the life and death of my grandpa and the obstacles that come with getting older. My dog has been with me through it all. He has been by my side through some of the toughest times in my life and each time he gets me through it. I love Butterball. And I love my parents for bringing him to my life. 

So if I am ever asked what my favorite moment in my life was, it will always be the day I got my first dog. That will always be a holiday I will never forget.