The College Dilemma


Ever since August, college has been on the front of my mind. My parents urged me to start applying for schools, but I am the worst procrastinator. Eventually, I sat myself down and applied to four schools: University of Oklahoma, Texas Christian University, Texas A&M and the University of North Texas. I was happy to finally be done with applications, but the worst was upon me. When I should have been excited to find out if I was getting accepted or not, I was dreading finding out because it seemed like everyone knew where they were going except for me.

In early October, I opened up my laptop to update my OU application. I wanted to add letters of recommendation to add more spice to my application, but when I logged into my portal, I no longer needed the letters. Surrounded by my friends in class, I looked at them with the biggest smile on my face, asking them if what I saw was real. I had just gotten my first college acceptance.

As I got into other colleges, there was one that I was impatient to hear back from, and that was TCU. I have always been surrounded by the horned frog culture. My mom went there for graduate school, and my dad loves their football team like everyone else in Fort Worth. I have grown up attending their football games my whole life, not to mention the amount of apparel we own. When I was thinking about schools I wanted to go to, it just made sense that I would go there just like my mom.

Going to visit these schools really solidified where I wanted to go. I narrowed my four options down to OU and TCU. The issue now was not getting into schools, it was watching what seemed like everyone commit except for me. Although the deadline to commit is May, there is an itch inside of me to know where I am going now. Patience is key, but I lack it when it comes to college decisions.

I still have not decided where I want to go, but I know I will love wherever I end up. I cannot wait for what this next journey of life will bring me as I move forward in the coming months. Wherever I go, I will make it my home like I do everywhere I go.