Let it Snow


There are so many things that I’m thankful for this year, and above all is my family.

They have been with me through thick and thin. I remember this one year on my sister’s birthday it snowed. It was very unusual due to Texas weather and it being February, the snow pretty much put a kink in all our plans for her birthday, seeing as we had no electricity. 

We thought it would be her worst birthday, but it was actually my favorite.

We had no electricity which meant no heater, I just remember how freezing it was everywhere in the house. So there we were freezing on our living room couch, no food, no entertainment and two teenage girls. I have no idea how my parents dealt with us that day.

At first, we were miserable and freezing and starving but we made it through. We got blankets, started a fire and eventually we warmed up.

We all sat by the fire and drank hot chocolate, which did warm us up substantially. We even went into the street and played with our dogs in the snow. The light in this whole situation was my sister. She can make anyone laugh, she’s always joking around and just all around having a good time. 

We watched her play with our dogs in the snow and she looked so happy, I was just glad that she was at least having some fun on her special day. We may not have had everything exactly how she wanted it to be, but I know it was still a good birthday for her.

Even though I know it was hard for her, she was happy. She didn’t let the snow bring her down, in fact, she was happy she got snow on her birthday. She told me once she was happy it snowed, mostly because that meant she didn’t have to go to school on her birthday. 

It was great to see her happy though, times have been really hard on her so I’m glad that she got those happy moments. It makes me feel good to see her happy, she’s a good kid so she deserves it. 

Watching my family make light in the dark situations is why they are my rocks. I am so grateful for them, I don’t know who I would be without them.