Tigers Dominate Blackout Game

At this years Black Out game, our Mansfield Tigers won with a whopping score of 28-10. Depending on who you ask, this was seen as a cool way to start the year to many. However, some people weren’t as sure about the timing of this game.

One of the major concerns with the scheduling of this game was students being too focused on the new school year to be really pepped for Black Out. “I don’t feel like people are really in the spirit. People are still worried about their classes.” Art teacher Mr. Jordan said.

Another concern that was more expressed by students was that holding an event like Black Out so soon in the school year would make the football season feel shorter. “I don’t like it. It makes football season go by faster and then I’m like ‘Where’d football season go?” Senior Chris Johnson said.

However, even with everything else going on, the Tiger fans still had more than enough energy to go down to Newsom and show some serious school spirit. The crowd was roaring and the student section was going wild, so it’s obvious that everyone’s worries about the game were put to rest.

Junior Madison Chokas, a member of the Gold Dusters, said, “You can tell, looking from Summit’s side to our side, that we were so pumped for this game. We always go out to support our football team, so the school spirit was definitely there.”