Fitting Into Freshman Year

Going from middle school to high school can be one of the biggest changes in your school career. So we asked some freshmen how they feel about their high school experience so far.

Madison Chadwick

Q: How does it feel to be going to school at 7 AM instead of 8:45 AM?

A:”It doesn’t really bother me, I’ve been getting up early for middle school swim and it starts 1st period.”

Jordan Hurt

Q: Do you think the A/B schedule will help you throughout your high school career?

A:”Yes, because it gives you an extra day to do your homework and you have more time to learn stuff.”

Gavin Seagraves

Q: What are you most excited about for your first year of high school or high school in general?

A:”I’m most excited because I will be on the high school football team, but I’m also excited to meet more people since the school is huge.”

Shelby Phillis

Q: Is middle school different from high school? Do you like middle school better?

A: “Middle school was a lot better, there’s more homework in high school.”