MHS Survival Guide: The Halls

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MHS Survival Guide: The Halls

Jill Anderson, Staff Writer

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High school is hard; sometimes it can even feel impossible. All high schoolers experience the stress that comes with managing time, but gradually things will become easier, and by the time you are a senior, high school will be a piece of cake. To help you survive high school here are few tips for your everyday routine and challenges.

Survival Tip #1

How to survive the halls:

It can be easy to get lost in the massive ocean of despair, a.k.a. the hallways. Nonetheless, one must face it on a daily basis, so here are some helpful tips for your hallway travels.

1. Keep your head up. People are more likely to move out of your way if your head is up and you look confident. When your head is down people will not be afraid to walk all over you.

2. Stay on the right side of the hallways. The halls function just like the roads. If you try to walk on the left side you will cause a traffic jam. DO NOT DO THAT!

3. Avoid walking next to doors. Doors can and will swing open at anytime during the passing periods, so be cautious of flying doors. If you must walk by the doors keep your hand out to catch the doors that swing out.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a different route. If you get stuck behind slow people and you have to get all the way across the school, try using the side stair cases. The side stair cases are more likely to be empty, therefore, providing a quicker route.

5. If there is a big group of guys playing around, and pushing and shoving each other, don’t be afraid to shove them back. Don’t push them down or start a fight, but don’t let them continue to run into you and push you around.

6. Do not stop or block the halls. For most, passing periods is a time to get to class, not to catch up with friends. If you have to stop and chat do it quickly and out of the way.

7. If you happen to get lost do not ask a senior. Although most would probably help you out, there are some that would probably give you the wrong directions. Instead, look at the tops of the hallways for the hallway names and class room numbers.

If you do not succeed the first time, don’t worry, you have 1440 passing periods a year to continue to practice. At the very least be kind, be respectful and don’t be late to class.

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