MHS Survival Guide: How to Survive HoCo without a Mum

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MHS Survival Guide: How to Survive HoCo without a Mum

Jill Anderson, Staff Writer

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In our Texas culture, the tradition of mums is deeply rooted in our society. “Mums” started out as just a corsage featuring a chrysanthemum with maybe a few ribbons, but beginning in the 1970’s the corsages began to grow and become more elaborate, resulting in the huge mums we have today. Some see mums as a statement piece. The bigger the mum your date gets you, the more he cares…or something like that.

Not many people know why Texans have this weird tradition, but it is a tradition; therefore,it must be carried on. On the day of homecoming it can be a rough day for those of us who do not have a homecoming mum. It can make many girls feel left out of the homecoming festivities, or make them feel like they are less than others. Fear not though, because the MHS Uproar is here to help you survive homecoming without a mum.

How to survive Homecoming without a Mum:

1. Just because you do not have a mum does not mean you can’t have a fun time at homecoming. The whole week of homecoming has dress up days on every day, so make sure to dress up on those days. Also, the homecoming football game is probably the best one, so go to it!

2. Don’t get down on yourself. In reality mums do not matter and do not mean anything. Just because you do not have a homecoming date does not mean you are doomed to be single for the rest of your life.

3. If you really care, make yourself a mum. There is no shame in this, and it can be a way to show school spirit.

4. Remember you are not the only one. Many people will not have a mum so do not think you are not the only one.

5. Try not to be negative and grumpy the whole day. Just because you don’t have a mum does not mean you should make other people’s day bad. Have fun looking at all the mums and just enjoy the festivities.

At the very least, remember homecoming is one day. Tomorrow nobody will care or remember who did or who did not have a mum. So don’t care too much and have fun!

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