Student Profile: Savannah Olivarez

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Ruth Judd, Staff Writer

The sound of shoes squeaking on the floor and hands hitting balls over the net with power are what senior Savannah Olivarez hears every Tuesday night on game day. Olivarez is one of three volleyball captains for the 2015-2016 varsity team. You can spot her on the court in the outside hitter position.

“I like being an outside hitter because I love how it feels to hit a ball down as hard as I can,” Olivarez said.

Playing volleyball since her childhood has given Olivarez plenty of time to perfect her skills and the support of her family has kept her dedicated to the competitive sport.

“I have been playing volleyball since I was eleven years old and my older sister was the one who influenced me to play,”
Olivarez said.

Although Olivarez spends most games on the court, she has also played sand volleyball. Sand volleyball requires only two players and can be challenging for volleyball players because they do not have a whole team to rely on.

“I prefer regular volleyball because sand takes a lot of strategy and I can’t think that fast,”Olivarez said.

The uniform for volleyball includes skin tight shorts called spandex, that many people might think are uncomfortable when sliding on the gym floor, but Olivarez has a different opinion.

“They are the most comfortable thing you will ever wear,” Olivarez said.

With a game every week, energy and excitement may be difficult to provide each time, but that is not the case.

“To get us lit, the whole team listens to really loud music and dances around,” Olivarez said.

Olivarez believes the team has the potential to go far this year. Come support Olivarez and the rest of the volleyball team every Tuesday.