Goodwill Goodies


Thrifting is an easy alternative for going to get some old fashioned apparel without spending too much. Goodwill and Salvation Army are probably your most local thrift stores while other generic ones are further away. Since thrift stores have a variety styles, I decided to interview a few students and ask their opinions on them.

What Goodwill is your favorite?

“I go to the one closest to my house and it has a good selection,” junior, Ariana Williams said.

What section do you go to to find your clothes?

“I go to the mens’ section because they have comfortable clothes. I get a lot of my long sleeves and quarter-zips there,” Williams said.

What made you want to go to Goodwill?

“Im broke and they have different things that they sell,” junior, Alexis Chapa said.

Why is it convenient for you to go to Goodwill?

“Because you can find things that have been resold that are way cheaper and the stuff is coming back in style,” Chapa said.

Do you like going to Goodwill or Salvation Army better and why?

“Salvation Army, because it’s closer to my house and on Wednesday’s it’s customer appreciation day so everything is 50 percent off. The clothing selection is also way better, I find way more things there,” junior, Parker Noble said.