Chocolate Selling: A Senior Tradition


A senior tradition is currently in full swing and it has caused competition, chaos, and lots of chocolate.

Seniors have begun to sell World’s Finest chocolate for $1 a bar. For every box a senior sells, they will receive a coupon for $10 off of their prom ticket. Boxes can be picked up in U13 from Ms. June, who had some tips about selling.

“Don’t wait on people to ask you to buy it,” Mrs. June said. “Ask them if they want to buy it. I’d say start soon, but people have already been starting.”

Although some may find it hard to sell chocolate, others are quite successful, selling to family friends, friend’s parents, and coworkers.

“As far as tips go, just be nice,” senior Haley Davila said. “Don’t commercialize yourself too much; they have a choice if they want the chocolate or not. Don’t pressure them. If they want some, they’ll buy some, and if not, just say ‘thank you for your time’.”

Underclassmen also receive a benefit, and a lighter wallet, from the chocolate selling, although junior Bryce Breedlove proposed some improvements.

“It’s something different that people can buy and enjoy throughout the day, but I feel like it should be different based on gender,” Breedlove said. “Guys should sell one thing and girls should sell another thing so it’s not everyone selling one thing at one time.”

The chocolate boxes are due back on March 3.