Profile: Cam Jones


He was the new kid on the field. He walked into a varsity team that already had three previous years to bond with one another. He had none. Destiny told him to be a quiet kid who laid back to stay out of the spotlight; instead, he did the opposite as he quickly became the star of the team.

Senior Cam Jones joined Mansfield this summer after transferring from his previous school and has quickly become one of the most well-known players of the team. Being a new member of a team that has already had three years of building relationships is incredibly difficult for most people. But for Cam, it was easy.

“The football team immediately took me in,” Cam said. “Then they introduced me to other people.”

Cam’s current success in smoothly mixing in with the football team also reflects his upcoming success. With over 42 different offers from various colleges across the nation, Cam decided to commit to the Division 1 University of California at Los Angeles where he will study political science to eventually become a lawyer.

Although Cam is still the ‘new kid’ on the team, his dedication within the past four months has lead his coaches to admire him.

“Cam is a great leader,” football Coach James Maberry said. “He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the team. He also holds his teammates accountable if they are not doing their job.”

Cam’s prominent leadership has been largely evident not only to his coaches, but also to his teammates who said they are inspired by his maturity and hard work.

“He always knows how to get the best out of everyone,” teammate Conner Parsons said. “If the team’s down, he knows how to get us back up.”

His leadership skills not only lift up his teammates, but they also keep his own goals within reach. Not only does Cam have large goals for his future in football, but he also has plans beyond the sport.

“I want to go to law school eventually,” he said. “I hope to become a lawyer someday in California.”

Cam’s success here at Mansfield has come at a relatively faster pace than most people. Although he is still new, his leadership skills and positive character have created a love for his presence by the football team and his peers.