Personal Column: Coronavirus and its Impact

Personal Column: Coronavirus and its Impact

I was in Washington D.C. to visit my brother when the president declared a national emergency and placed measures to limit the impact of the coronavirus. At the airport, in the streets and on the metro, people crowded me constantly. Social distancing practically did not exist at this point, because it was too difficult to. Any of the cities in the North was likely one of the worst U.S. places to be during the time. Life has not been the same for everyone including hospitals, businesses, the stock market, workers and students. With thousands of schools closed and online learning implemented, I have been able to motivate myself to do things unlike before. 

It can be difficult to stay focused, especially at home, where it is easier to be distracted. To complete my assignments, I have to motivate myself to do things on my own and not procrastinate as much. I know this will prepare me for college. While the learning process has changed, I know I do not have to do it all myself because there are Zoom sessions, Microsoft Teams, etc. students and teachers are hosting. In addition to the switch to online learning, I have heard universities and companies are providing free resources temporarily to students such as college educational videos (ex: Yale University), tutoring, etc. I have not tried them, but they seem like wonderful tools.

  Although I miss eating tasty food at restaurants because my cooking skills are limited, people, including myself, have been able to make the best out of the lockdown. People have been pursuing new interests such as cooking, games, movies, etc. There are many people outside nowadays on strolls with their family and dogs. Unlike before, I personally have been able to spend time working on creating art such as drawing plants. Now, I can watch pay-per-view movies that would’ve been released in theaters.

It is easy to focus on the negatives, but with the pandemic, I have had to change to a more positive perspective. While I have had to make changes in my life, I have been blessed with my situation because I have not faced any real difficulties such as not coming to contact with coronavirus or not facing major financial problems. 

 We were too young to truly feel the impact and fear of the 9/11 attack that marked a dramatic shift in lives, but the coronavirus pandemic measures will be the event that the younger generations will not forget. However, students should take advantage of what opportunities have come, practice social distancing and remember that this lockdown will come to an end.